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Everyone knows that microservices architecture has lots of advantages like scalability, easy maintenance, and frequent deployments. But implementing those patterns is tricky. One of the challenges you may encounter is managing a microservices database. How can services store data without losing their independence? Which microservices database models to choose for your cloud-based application?

In today’s blog, I hope to answer these questions, and I’m going to explain to you how we can manage data in a microservice architecture. Most people are moving from monolith to microservices to distributed architecture styles. Most of the systems are using a monolithic architecture style…

Have you ever been in a situation where a perfectly tested system crashed because of an unforeseeable scenario? Web systems have grown complex with the increasing number of microservices and distributed cloud architectures. It’s alarming because we all depend on these systems more than ever, yet failures have become much harder to predict.

In this article, you will get an introduction to Chaos engineering and tools we can use to implement Chaos Engineering principles.

Everything today is fast phased. Fast food, fast cars you name it. It’s the same with software system development as well. For example, we do rapid…

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API gateway is a typical pattern that many API developers are using to encapsulate their API endpoints. But, it is common that many are using API gateway anti-patterns as well. This article focuses on the correct usage of the API Gateway pattern.

What is an API Gateway ?

An API(Application Programming Interface) Gateway is an interface where it sits in front of other back-end (Micro)services. API Gateway is the single-entry point for the back-end architecture where the communication channel normally ends in a database. API Gateway is ensuring architecture characteristics such as security, scalability, and high availability.

Can we implement our services (e.g., RESTFull or SOAP…

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Over the last decade, software engineering’s scope has risen to provide more responsibility and perspective. A decade ago, with lots of bureaucracy, the typical relationship between architecture and operations was contractual and formal. Most companies, trying to mitigate the complexity of hosting their operations, often outsourced operations for a third party company, consisting of contractual obligations for service level agreements. Nowadays, architectures such as microservices freely leverage former solely operational concerns. This article’s primary objective is to briefly discuss the ‘Software Structure’ as an initiative for our topic.


To begin with, let’s discuss the background of Software Architecture. Computer architecture…

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In the last article, we have discussed how and when to migrate from Monolith to Microservices. This article is focusing on the migrations patterns from Monolith to Microservices.

Here, we shall look at patterns that would work for black-box vendor software, legacy systems, or monoliths that you could plan to continue to maintain and evolve. Initially, we will consider only where the application code lives. Following are some of the most commonly used techniques for migration patterns.

Strangler-Fig Pattern

Strangler-Fig Pattern is a frequently used technique for doing system rewrites. A key point in this type of pattern is that we could…

AzureML යනු කුමක්ද? (What is AzureML?)

සිංහලෙන් AI ඉගැන්වීමේ දෙවැනි දිග හැරුම ලෙස මයික්‍රෝසොෆ්ට් වෙතින් ගෙන එන Azure Machine Learning Studio ගැන අද අපි කතා කරමු.

මෙහිදී මාගේ පළමු ඉලක්කය වනුයේ අප පෙර බ්ලොග් පෝස්ටුවේ කතා කල ආකරයට විෂය පිලිබඳ කිසිඳු දනුමක් නැති පුද්ගලයකුට වුවද අවබෝධ වන ආකාරයෙන් Machine Learning/AI ඉගෙනුමට අවස්ථාව ලබා දීමයි.(AI for Anyone)


Microservices are the services that have been modeled around a business domain that are independently deployable. Nowadays, Microservices architecture is becoming a hype, since most of the tech organizations tend to port or migrate their existing architectures into Microservices. This article is all about moving from Monolith to Microservices architecture. The key objective of this article is to educate the reader on the aspects and considerations that should be taken into account when moving from Monolith to Microservices architecture.

To begin with our article with let us first understand what is ‘Monolith’.

What is a Monolith?

‘Monolith’ is a one unit of Deployment. When…

මොකක්ද මේ කෘතීම බුද්ධිය?

කෘතීම බුද්ධිය ගැන ඉංග්‍රීසියෙන් සහ වෙනත් භාෂා වලින් ලියවුනු පොත් පත් , අන්තර් ජාල ඉගෙනුම් ක්‍රම , ආදී නොයෙකුත් දේ ඇතත් සිංහලෙන් ඒ ගැන ලියවුනු මුලාශ්‍ර ඉතා අල්පය. මෙම නව තාක්ෂණය සිංහල භාෂාව පරිශීලනය කරන්නන් වෙනුවෙන් හඳුන්වා දීම සඳහා මෙම ලිපි මාලාව ආරම්භ කිරීමට සිතුනි. ඔබ කුමන මට්ටමේ අධ්‍යාපන මට්ටමක සිටියද ඔබ හට පහසුවෙන් මෙම නව තාක්ෂණය හැදෑරීමට අවකාශ සැලසීම අපගේ අරමුණයි. ඔබට අවශ්‍ය වනුයේ අලුත් දේ ඉගෙන ගැනීමට ඇති උනන්දුවත් , පරිගණකයක් සහ අන්තර්ජාල පහසුකම පමණි. ඒ අනුව මෙම ලිපි මාලාව පහත කාණ්ඩ 3 යටතේ දිග හැරෙනු ඇත.

  1. පරිගණක තාක්ෂනය ගැන ගැඹුරු දැනීමක් නැති, පරිගණකය…

Machine Learning is a subset within the field of AI (Artificial
Intelligence) that permits a computer to internalize concepts
found in data to form predictions for new situations. We relish
most of the innovative products and services thanks to Machine

To reach reliable levels of accuracy, these models require
enormous datasets to ‘learn’ from. But the data we feed them are
very sensitive and personal. So that it’s crucial that we must find
ways to unlock the power of Artificial Intelligence while protecting
data privacy. …

By Priyal Walpita

When you are trying to pre-process your machine learning data sets, you may need to deal with huge number of dimensions. Processing these huge number of different dimensions is a resource hungry process for your machine learning models. But can we get rid of these extra dimensions in our ML models? We cannot get rid of these dimensions from our data model because it would get rid of the effect of the those particular data dimensions into our data analysis as well. So the answer to this problem is Principle Component Analysis (PCA). What PCA does is…

Priyal Walpita

CTO @ ZorroSign | Seasoned Software Architect | Expertise in AI/ML , Blockchain , Distributed Systems and IoT | Lecturer | Speaker | Blogger

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