Why the Blockchain technology would thrive in future? A lesson from history…

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During the dark ages, most of the countries were ruled or managed by Kings , Clergy and God. The centralized authorization can be identified as the main feature of these ruling systems. So is that bad ? As per knowledge, yes, it is bad for the future and evolution of humankind. The reasons are as follows.

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In a centrally governed system, peasants encouraged to believe what ever the authorized person ( King , Clergy or God) would communicate. Since the hierarchy is flowing top to bottom , a peasant who lives in a leaf edge do not have any connection to verify the statement that made by the centralized person. Even though a peasant reached out to another edge peasant , there is a high probability that he is already get spoiled by the information flown down from the center. Generation of new knowledge will impact in this system because the new knowledge generation would limited to only who are in the top of the hierarchy.

What happened in 1789 ? The French Revolution, which I believe the birth of the modern social governing system. All the centralized power was distributed among ordinary peasants and they came up with some “agreements” about how to govern the country. Even those agreements didn't succeed 100% as expected, it is a good starter. The decentralization is the key factor here. For the first time after many centuries people think they can govern them self.

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I am gonna take another example. First settlers in America ( specially the north america )did not had any King , or Clergy to govern them. Hence, they came up with their own rules and protocols to govern them self. This is a bottom up approach compared to what was there in the Europe during the same era. And most importantly , it is a distributed system where everyone make their contribution to the system. It helped those countries to thrive what they are today. As an example , most of the countries that governed by Kings( centralized systems)for most of their history were behind the race in terms of economy and technology.

So where are we now ? in 2018 ? Yes we do have high speed Internet, Social media, self driving cars and spaceX program where determined to send human to Mars. But still we have central banks, governments and little bit of God as well. Still those are centralized. Even the Google, Facebook , Twitter etc.. are also governed centrally.The recent Facebook sandal is a best example to determine the danger of centrally held data. They have all our data and they have the power because of that.

The distributed computing makes a tight turn with the introduction of the Blockchain technology. Why? The main reason is you do not need a centralized governance with Blockchain technology. The system governs it self ! and there is no central organization or person. What would be the main features of such systems ?

No more centralized data centers. The data would distribute among all nodes and peers.

Everyone have everyone’s data but no one knows who’s data it is (Anonymity) .

No one can delete data ( Immutability ).

In terms of social media, few new projects are already kicked in to aiming these objectives. Akasha project is an great example for such initiative.

As a summary,decentralization helps humankind to have leap in social values and in technology. Why not the decentralization introduced by Blockchain technology would lead in to the next revolution ?

PS : I am not an expert in History or Political Science. What I expressed here is just a thought that struck in my mind :)

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